About Us

The Appearance Anxiety Questionnaire (AAQ) is an innovative clinical tool developed for aesthetic practitioners. Created by a psychiatrist and psychologist, this questionnaire is the result of intensive research and client interviews conducted at aesthetic clinics. It is designed to quickly get to the core of the psychological impact of aesthetic concerns.

Grounded in CBT and DBT theories, the AAQ assesses seven key dimensions: Preoccupation, Negative Mind Reading, Avoidance, Safety Behaviours, Mood Dysregulation, Self Esteem, and a Contraindication Alert for BDD. Each dimension provides crucial insights: Preoccupation measures the extent of appearance-related thoughts; Negative Mind Reading focuses on assumed negative perceptions by others; Avoidance examines coping strategies for appearance-related anxiety; Safety Behaviours are actions to mitigate feared outcomes; Mood Dysregulation looks at emotional responses triggered by appearance dissatisfaction; and Self Esteem assesses self-worth and control related to body image.

The AAQ is not only research-based but also practical, designed for ease of use and quick analysis by clinicians. This tool is not meant to diagnose psychosis but rather to highlight those who might benefit more from mental health services, managing aesthetic expectations, and reducing the risk of dissatisfaction or complications. This proactive approach aims to enhance patient care by identifying underlying psychological factors driving the desire for aesthetic procedures.

An upcoming feature includes the option to request screening and diagnosis by a psychiatrist, further enhancing its clinical utility.

How it works

1. When a clinic is registered you will receive a unique link in your dashboard

2. This link opens a new AAQ form which is linked to your account

3. A patient will fill in the form pre-treatment which will generate a report, giving you an appearance related anxiety score as well as a GAD-7 score

4. 8 weeks later the patient will be emailed to repeat the AAQ, which generates a second report

All reports will be downloadable PDF files that are held securely in your dashboard.