Information About Our Company

As a specialised provider of the AAQ service, we serve healthcare clinics across the UK, focusing on the assessment and management of appearance-related anxiety. Our company adheres to stringent data protection laws and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality.

Contact Details

For privacy inquiries or data-related concerns, please contact our Data Protection Officer at: [Provide Address, Email, and Phone Number]

Types of Personal Data Collected

We collect data necessary to facilitate the use of the AAQ by clinics and patients:

  • - From Clinics: We may collect identity, contact, and professional data necessary for service provision and communication.
  • - From Patients: Health data, feedback, and special category data are collected via clinics with explicit consent to ensure tailored and effective use of the AAQ.

Use of Personal Data

Personal data is utilised for:

  • - Clinics: To set up and manage your account, provide customer support, and inform you of updates or changes.
  • - Patients: To provide a personalised AAQ experience, gather valuable health insights, and support clinics in delivering optimal care.

Data Sharing

We act as a data processor for our clinics, handling patient data as instructed by them and in accordance with legal obligations. Data is not shared with third parties for advertising without explicit consent. Sharing occurs strictly for:

  • - Operational Necessity: Engaging service providers to support our services.
  • - Legal Compliance: Responding to legal requests or regulations.

Data Transfer and Protection

Data may be transferred outside the EEA, and we guarantee protection through legal mechanisms and robust security measures, including encryption and access control.

Data Retention

Data is retained for a period defined by necessity and legal obligations. We implement a data retention schedule that respects the minimal retention periods.

Your Rights

Both clinics and patients have rights under GDPR:

  • - Access and Rectification: Request data access or correction.
  • - Erasure and Restriction: Ask to delete or limit data use.
  • - Portability: Move data to another service provider.
  • - Objection: Oppose specific data processing.
  • - Consent Management: Withdraw previously granted consent.

Marketing Communications

We will only send marketing materials to clinics with their consent, respecting the right to opt-out at any time.


Should profiling be used, it will be done with transparency and consent, upholding the rights of individuals to object.

Policy Updates

We regularly review and update this policy, communicating changes to both clinics and patients, ensuring continued compliance and protection.